The 3 best video games on Gamecube

The GameCube contains some of Nintendo’s ideal video games, in addition to some fantastic third-party titles.

GameCube, the 4th home console, is currently over 15 years old so it’s time to refresh our memories and also go through the rather long list of excellent games that came out on this system. While the GameCube wasn’t as ambitious as Sony’s PS2 and was clearly underpowered by Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo’s little console with its fashionable CDs was home to a vast collection of unique projects that received universal acclaim.

Metroid Prime

Several had doubts about the top quality of Samus’ initial 3D journey, but they were all eliminated in the first 5 minutes of the game. Why? For starters, the new Samus Earth looked pretty reasonable with its unbalanced cavities and randomly scattered trees. The designers at Retro Studios really managed to rejuvenate the franchise by turning a problem game into a first-person shooter.

The brand new viewpoint looked pretty appropriate and also added to the immersion in the video game. We really felt like we were in the main character placement and experienced exactly the same claustrophobia between checkpoints as they did. In other words, this is an exemplary franchise reboot.

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 combines action and horror aspects at an ideal pace. Relentless gunfights, battles and interactive cutscenes with excellent graphics contain the best that the latest generation gaming consoles can use. Unlike previous installments of RE, this time around the authors didn’t skimp on tools and ammo, and also incorporated melee aspects that have proven really useful in numerous encounter groups of enemies.

RE4 is quite complex, but its dark environment and also extreme cinematic action grab you from the first seconds. You will certainly die here, and quite often, and not even by any of the most obvious methods (beware of men with chainsaws), but that will only spur you on to progress through the game. If you don’t believe me, let it run for 15 minutes and also watch the introductory episode with the barricade in front of the angry mob in your house. Can you refuse a game that creates such adrenaline scenes?

Steel Equipment Solid: The Twin Serpents

Take the best video game of the PS generation, including next-gen graphics and fantastic gameplay attributes from the PS2 successor – and we have a living classic. Developed by Canadian workshop Silicon Knights, Twin Snakes is known for its brand new cutscenes directed by Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura (Battle, Godzilla: Final Battles), as well as a variety of new aspects that will appeal to both beginners and advanced players designed to impress even longtime gamers and followers of the series.

But at its heart was the same tale of war, death, love and also dishonesty that made Steel Gear Solid a global phenomenon. Solid Serpent remained exactly the same charismatic Meryl – a character with the same tragic fate, and all those responsible actually haven’t lost their humanity, which is why they usually don’t even want to eliminate. We on our website offer a huge collection of cool ROMs that are totally safe are to be used.

Some of the clearly Matrix-inspired scenes look ridiculous by today’s standards, but Twin Snakes’ excellent stealth activity is still among the best you’ll find on Cube and other systems.