The best PlayStation 2 video games

Darkness of the Colossus

The best game, a masterpiece of all times as well as individuals, which just comes to be even more lovely with time. The gameplay contains only fights with employers, which, nevertheless, still need to be in some way discovered in the instead rather large stretches of the game world. The battles themselves are actual problems with platforming, running around as well as seeking susceptabilities. We offer a huge collection of cool ps2 roms games that are completely safe to use. The measurements of some managers are genuinely colossal, and you really require to climb them for a long period of time and also fastidiously in order to stick the sword in the Achilles’ ‘ heel. As well as incidentally, the video game has a bewitching atmosphere of some doomed world, and also the enchanting songs will permanently continue to be in your memory.

Shin Megami Tensei: Identity 3

Wonderful parlor game with lots of unique gameplay components. In addition to the typical JRPG-fights with monsters and managers, in Persona 3 the gamer will certainly need to participate in school, take exams and also find out how to spend their leisure at nights – all this will impact the attributes of the personality. Below is the initial system of cards with mobilized creatures that can be gone across and consequently get brand-new animals. Personality 4 was additionally released on the PlayStation 2, which became also better than its predecessor. Yet Identity 3 has a significant advantage compared to the fourth part: dedicated fans have completely translated it right into Russian.

Silent Hillside 2

Dark horror, thought about among the very best agents of the style of all time. The story here is a real artwork, as well as the visual part with an unclear city and a number of disgusting monsters goes over to today. Quiet Hillside 2 is a timeless classic that every survival horror fan (and also not only) should touch. Yes, and in the video game there are as numerous as 6 substantially various endings, which rely on the actions of the personality throughout the flow.

Steel Gear Strong 3: Serpent Eater

Remarkable stealth-action from Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Equipment collection. Events will certainly send out the gamer throughout the Cold War, and also the activity itself will certainly unfold in thick forests, including all type of threats. The gameplay is really diverse: invisible activities, survival, fights with average adversaries, unforgettable boss fights, as well as, obviously, a powerful story, coupled with cinematic cutscenes. Serpent Eater has been named the very best PlayStation 2 game of 2004 by lots of publications.

God of Battle II

The second part of the journeys of the unfaltering Kratos is not without factor taken into consideration one of the most effective as well as most stunning ready the PlayStation 2. This slasher simply presses all the graphics juice out of the console. And besides a fantastic image, the video game boasts adrenaline-filled gameplay as well as a whole lot of battles with different bosses from old Greek mythology.