How to End a College Essay

This type of paper describes the flow of a particular experiment conducted by a student and its conclusion should reflect on the outcomes of this experiment. This is a clear example of how you can shape your conclusion paragraph. Send your work to one of our top writers to get it reviewed in no time. Providing arguments and evidence that belong in the body of the work. Including a slightly changed or unchanged thesis statement. Review your arguments; summarize them by paraphrasing how you proved the thesis.

It’s clear that sexual education is completely vital to the public-school curriculum. Not only does this lead to a better understanding of human development and human sexuality, but awareness and sex education also reduce the rates of teen pregnancy. Studies have shown that comprehensive sexual education increases the age of when teens have sex for the first time. Learning about contraception how much words should an essay have and how to use contraception correctly ultimately leads to lower rates of STDs. Lastly, comprehensive sex education also teaches students about consensual sex, and will hopefully lead to healthier sexual relationships and lower rates of sexual assault in the future. Not only should sex education be taught in public schools, but it should be mandatory for all public-school systems.

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In a nutshell, the clincher is very similar to the hook you would use in an introductory paragraph. Its core mission is to seize the audience’s attention until the end of the paper. At the same time, this statement is what creates a sense of completeness and how to end a essay example helps the author leave a lasting impression on the reader. Now let’s move on to the final part of IB extended essay guidelines. In conclusion, focus on summarizing the main points you have made. No new ideas or information can be introduced in this part.

how to end a essay example

As you set out to write your conclusion and end your essay on an insightful note, you’ll want to start by restating your thesis. Since the thesis is the central idea of your entire essay, it’s wise to remind the reader of the purpose of your paper. The final step when writing a conclusion paragraph is to include a small detail about yourself. This information will help you build a more intimate bond with your reader and help them remember you better. Think of this step as an opportunity to connect the academic research to your and your reader’s personal lives — to forge a human bond between the lines. To conclude an essay, the author should first include a brief summary of the main ideas of the essay. This brief summary should allow for in-depth reflection on those ideas to draw awareness to the main theme of the essay.

How to End a Personal Statement: Strong Tips And Examples

Saying it in the same way all the time makes it come off as uninspired, and it does nothing to enhance your argument. Here is an example of a successful personal statement ending.

how to end a essay example

In my essay, I showed that medical workers provide tremendous help to patients, helping them to get rid of the inevitable suffering. Sports activity is what helps to make each person’s life more enjoyable and healthier. So, we must work to ensure that the sport is affordable and safe. We must consider how to reduce the number of sports injuries. Now I do not need to close my eyes to imagine my teaching career. Every day begins with the fact that I see children who are ready to absorb knowledge. When I tell them how the world works, I recall those “lessons” from my childhood and understand that I am in my place.

What is the last line of a conclusion?

If you think your topic is that kind of subject, you can write about it in your final paragraph. This student recalls when she used to sit in a blue armchair in her parents’ café and read, people-watch and imagine. In the conclusion, she refers back to the blue armchair and that cozy world but also looks forward to finding her niche. You’ll see why Johns Hopkins uses this on their website for the model of college entrance essays. First, a person must have a research question he or she wants answered and a little background knowledge on the subject. Then the person forms a hypothesis, or what he or she thinks the answer to the research question is, which the person tests with an experiment. Finally, the person should analyze the data and draw a conclusion.

how to end a essay example

If you’ve come across a fantastic quote in your research that didn’t quite make it into the essay, the conclusion is a great spot for it. Including a quote from one of your primary or secondary sources can frame your thesis or final thoughts in a different light. This can add specificity and texture to your overall argument.

Ideas On How to End a Scholarship Essay

When you think of a project conclusion, there are all different types of projects out there. You might be doing a literature project or a science project. Check out a conclusion example for a high school science fair project. Spanking has become an outdated and lazy way of punishing children. It teaches them that meeting other people’s bad behavior with violence is acceptable.

how to end a essay example

Sounding authoritative means using the right words , relying on solid evidence from other sources, and believing in your own ability to write. For example, if you began your essay with the idea of humanity’s sense of smallness in the face of space’s vast expanses, you could return to that idea in the conclusion. However, you might expand this theme to include the idea that as human knowledge grows, space is actually becoming smaller. Knowing your essay’s focus will also help you avoid introducing any new information or topics in your conclusion. ” question as you write your essay can also help you dig below the surface of your ideas. The final paragraph of an essay is what ties the piece together into a single, cohesive whole.

Step 3: Form a Personal Connection With the Reader

At USC, Brooke was a producer for the intersectional feminist production company on campus, a Resident Assistant , and a student worker for the Thematic Option Honors GE Program. In her free time, Brooke enjoys reading, writing, and watching Gilmore Girls. With this tool, other students can tell you if your conclusion is effective and help you improve your essay so that you can have the best chances of admission. My mother remains a guiding force in my life, but the feeling of empowerment I discovered within myself is the ultimate form of my independence. Though I thought the summer before my freshman year would be a transition from middle school to high school, it was a transformation from childhood to adulthood.

  • The underemployment of graduate students puts the worth of college degrees in serious doubt.
  • This helps your reader understand how they could apply the arguments you made to another topic, giving your essay a bigger sense of purpose.
  • Learn about the importance of the narrative essay conclusion with examples.
  • This paragraph brings the essay to a close, reminds the reader of the basic ideas from the essay, and restates the thesis statement.

A Healthy Journal was born out of passion, the passion for food, but mainly for a healthy life. We are a bunch of friends all over the world who, at a certain time of their lives, realised the doctor’s advice was not enough anymore. Therefore, we tried to help ourselves through diet, sport, natural remedies and little gestures made out of love.More …. Another way is to say why this article was so important.

In case, you have written a conclusion, but you’re not sure if its good enough?

Had I the knowledge of what would become of the star-crossed lovers, I would have warned Romeo that Juliet’s death was a hoax and to wait until she woke up. This, of course, would make the play quite different, but I would feel that it was my duty after having spent so much time with the characters.

  • If you want to impress the admission officers, avoid any kinds of mistakes in the personal statement.
  • Your conclusion needs to give the judges the last impression of who you are.
  • I have a lot of familiar students and their stories about studying and university life impress me every time I hear them.
  • Stock phrases are unnecessary and overused in college essay conclusions.

At this point, you may have written most of your scholarship essay. Gather all relevant information from relevant sources.

How to conclude an essay:

If you do a concluding paragraph right, it can give your readers a sense of logical completeness. On the other hand, if you do not make it powerful enough, it can leave them hanging, and diminish the effect of the entire piece.

Keeping it interesting at this stage can be challenging, but it can make or break a good college essay. By following this useful roadmap, you can feel confident that you know how to write a good conclusion that leaves readers with a solution, a call to action, or a powerful insight for further study. At some point in your life, a teacher has probably told you that the end of an essay should answer the question “So what? It’s helpful to ask yourself this question at the start of drafting your thesis and come back to it throughout, as it can keep you in tune with the essay’s purpose. Then, at your conclusion, you won’t be left searching for something to say. An effective conclusion paragraph should ultimately suggest to your reader that you’ve accomplished what you set out to prove.